Paul's Drawing Board: "Two Voices"

Paul's Drawing Board: "Two Voices"

Paul's Drawing Board

Making comics is a process and the biggest part of that process is the idea sketching phase. When you are building a house, the most important first step is to pour the foundation.
Sketches are the foundation of any good drawing, so taking your time to really pinpoint the right idea in the sketch phase will prepare you better for the execution of the final design.
As you scroll through the sketches for the "Two Voices" comic, you'll see a variety of designs that I drew out on paper before realizing there could be a better way to draw this comic.

Advice for aspiring artists:

A good rule to follow, is to sketch out at least 3 different ideas before beginning your finished drawing. You should be willing to scrap your ideas and start over when something just isn't working. This is why it is so important to empty your head of all the bad ideas during the sketch phase so you don't get into the final drawing and realize 10 hours into the drawing that it isn't working.
Your cartoonist in Christ,

"Two Voices" is available as an art print in a variety of sizes. Click here to order!

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