International Shipping

All items in the RefToons store are shipped from our home in the United States.

When purchasing outside of the US, please note that there may be additional customs fees upon delivery. RefToons is not responsible for these additional charges so please check with your local post office regarding your country’s import fees before making a purchase.

Can I print RefToons and use them for my church bulletin and newsletter?

  • PLEASE DO NOT ALTER OR SELL REFTOONS IMAGES (they are copyrited). Altering includes, but is not limited to; adding your own logo, cropping the image, coloring, format, etc.  If you have questions, please contact Mr. RefToons at reftoons@gmail.com.
  • RefToons will always be free to view on social media. I encourage you to use any of the posted images for PERSONAL use (not for profit/sale) including but not limited to;  bulletins, sermons, handouts, etc.  Remember that these are copyrighted images, so please refrain from breaking the eighth commandment.

Can I purchase prints of your comics?

  • In the RefToons store, you may purchase physical prints along with a plethora of other swag.

How can I support RefToons?

  • Follow RefToons on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and YouTube. When sharing online, tag RefToons or link to RefToons.com if it is not already. This lets others know where to find more of the same content you have been enjoying.
  • Head to the RefToons store to find some awesome RefToons swag!  You have the option to leave a tip when checking out.
  • Pray for the integrity of RefToons:  That each comic would be a means of grace to help each viewer grow in their faith.
  • Upon receiving frequent requests from those who desire to support RefToons we have set up a way to give via PayPal.  Send support through PayPal to reftoons@gmail.com

Is there a book of RefToons comics available?

Will you translate your work  into a different language?

  • The majority of my time needs to be spent on creating RefToons in my native language, English.

Will you draw something for me?

Will you draw my idea for a RefToon comic?

  • You may email suggestions to reftoons@gmail.com. 
    1. Please include the direct quote AND source the earliest known record of it.  Example: “‘Quote,’ Spurgeon’s Sermon #2650.”  If the source is not included your suggestion will be automatically rejected.
    2. Keep in mind that RefToons seeks to produce encouraging, thought provoking, and funny cartoons.
  • Quotes need to spark a visual with the creator.  You may send in whatever suggestions you have, but I cannot promise that it will become a reality.

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