Tranquillity of Mind

Tranquillity of Mind

“The written word tells us, that the best expedient to inward peace and tranquillity of mind under puzzling and distracting troubles, is to commit ourselves and our case to the Lord; so you read, Psalm 37:5-7 and Prov. 16:3. And as you have read in the word, so you have found it in your own experience.

O what a burden is off your shoulders when you have resigned the case to God! Then doth Providence issue your affairs comfortably for you The difficulty is soon over when the heart is brought to this. Thus you see how scriptures are fulfilled by providence in these few instances I have given of it. Compare them in all other cases and you shall find the same; for all the lines of providence lead from the scripture and return thither again, and do most visibly begin and end there.”                                     

John Flavel, The Mystery of Providence.
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