Our T-shirt Process

  • A t-shirt order is placed on May 2.  Another order is placed on May 14.  Both orders are sent to The Reformed Sage (TRS) on May 15.
  • TRS purchases the supplies needed for completing the order then prints the made-to-order t-shirts.
  • Expect a 10-14 day turnaround time before the shirts are completed and ready to ship to RefToons HQ.
  • Next, TRS ships the shirts to RefToons HQ (another 3-5 business days).
  • RefToons then prepares the orders for the final shipment (another 3-5 business days, depending on which shipping option you choose)!

Washing Instructions

We want you to enjoy your product for as long as possible, so please review the following washing and care instructions:

  • Always wash and dry INSIDE OUT.
  • Use cold or warm water and a low or normal dryer setting.Do not exceed 178°F.
  • Use a mild detergent.  Do not dry clean.  Do not bleach.
  • Do not iron (but if you must, turn the garment inside out!)

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